Release Notes Through 2022-11-03

Platform Updates

Reports Feature Updates

Liongard has improved our Reports feature with the following updates:

  • Improved report creation flow to get you the data you need even faster
  • Cleaner report layout
  • Ability to add a logo to a report
  • Ability to export reports as a .pdf file
  • Increased the maximum number of report sections (previously called Metrics tables) from 10 to 15
  • Increased the maximum number of Metrics that can be included in a section from 10 to 15

This update is being shipped to existing Liongard instances in phases this month. For details on this new feature, please see our updated Reports documentation found here:

When our phased roll out is complete, the documentation linked above will replace our existing Reports feature documentation.

This addition was implemented in response to this idea and this idea in Liongard's Ideas Portal. Thank you for voting!


API Token Updates

Improvements have been made to Liongard API token security. Users will be presented with options to select an expiration date when creating a new API Token.

CloudBlue PSA Integration

CloudBlue now offers an integration from their platform to Liongard. This integration is set up in your CloudBlue instance and includes the following:

  • Creation of CloudBlue PSA tickets from Liongard Actionable Alerts
  • Import accurate and up-to-date user, license, and device counts from Liongard

Please see CloudBlue's Documentation for more information.

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

Platform and Feature Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where global users with Agent Admin privileges could not modify an Agent if they did not install the Agent
  • Addressed an issue causing some columns to fail to appear when viewing a report
  • Improved payload processor failure messaging for ITGlue and ConnectWise Integrations
  • Updated verbiage presented when upgrading an Environment from Essentials to Core
  • Corrected an issue causing the destination field for Actionable Alert Templates to display the destination ID instead of the name of the ticket board
  • Deleting a Liongard Agent will now prompt the user to migrate associated Inspectors to a different Agent
  • Resolved a timeout issue when fetching Metrics via our Power BI Connector
  • Power BI Templates: Updated the Access Control Report to better display system hostnames

Inspector and API Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • All Inspectors: When Inspectors encounter a problem with an external resource, they will now display a new error code that indicates that the problem is external to Liongard
  • Acronis Cyber Cloud: Corrected an issue causing the Inspector to run out of memory
  • Azure Active Directory: Updated the Inspector to reliably return all conditional access policies
  • Bitdefender GravityZone: Addressed an issue causing undefined values to return when calling an endpoint
  • HaloPSA: Updated the Inspector to ensure Internet Domain/DNS Auto-discovery is consistent
  • KnowBe4: Updated the Inspector to prevent rate limiting issues
  • Linux: Added the ability to use SSH private key authentication
  • Network IP: Updated the Inspector to ensure consistent results
  • SonicWall: Addressed an issue preventing VLAN information from displaying properly
  • SonicWall: Updated the Inspector to clearly indicate if the v7 Inspector was selected for a v6 device
  • Sophos Central: Addressed an issue causing duplicate Auto-discoveries when importing via CSV
  • Sophos XG: Removed the 2 minute timeout limit to allow more time for the Inspector to complete preflight
  • Sophos XG: Addressed an issue preventing some data views from displaying properly
  • Watchguard: Addressed an issue preventing data from being collected with the Inspector
  • Watchguard: Addressed an issue preventing Access Rules from displaying properly
  • Windows Server: Updated the Inspector to prevent duplicate Auto-discoveries of Active Directory and Network Discovery Inspectors
  • Windows Server: Addressed an issue with calculating the free space of a drive
  • Windows Workstation: Ensured that Auto-discovery still functions if the Agent Type is changed

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