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Release Notes Through 2020-09-16

Feature Updates


Users now have the ability to add human intelligence to automated documentation through Notes. Notes can be created at the Environment and System level, and users can tag Notes to a Timeline entry.

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Actionable Alert Improvements

  • Updated the help text in the Actionable Alert Rule Builder below the "Alert Comment" field to include details about the behavior of the Roarbot.
  • When a change alert is re-opened, Liongard is now including a Roarbot comment with the Change Detection that causes that alert to re-open.
  • Fixed a small bug when a user attempted to add a rule to a Template not applied to any Environments
  • Fixed an issue where if an Environment was manually created, alert templates would be automatically enabled

Platform Updates

Autotask Integration Updates

  • Users will now be able to import companies from Autotask that do not have an assigned Classification.

Update to Accessing Liongard's API

Updated Liongard's API Developer Guide to document how users can access Liongard's Metrics via API.

User Permission Updates

  • Added an error message to provide context when users try to access a page they do not have permission to access
  • Improved permissions to ensure all users can access their personal accounts settings page and that Admins can access both accounts settings and company settings pages.
  • Improved the Reader role user permissions
  • Added the following permissions:



Account Settings Admin

  1. View Account Settings permission
  2. Edit Account Settings permission

Every Group will have this Role associated.

Company Settings Admin

  1. View Company Settings permission
  2. Edit Company Settings permission

Global Admins will have the Company Settings Role.

Company Settings Reader

  1. View Company Settings permission

Global Readers will have the Company Settings Role.

Inspector Updates

ESET Licensing Inspector

  • The ESET Licensing Inspector is now in Production
  • Added Metrics and Actionable Alerts to the Metrics and Actionable Alerts Libraries

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Office 365 Inspector Improvements

  • Added the ability for Office 365 Parent and Child Inspectors to auto-discover an Internet Domain/DNS Inspector for managed domains, not including "domain.local" or ""
  • Display all SMTP aliases in the Data Views associated with each Office 365 user
  • Added Usage Location data to the Data Print for each user to identify which country licenses are being used
  • Updated the logic for quota calculations for the "Office 365: Mailbox Storage Exceeding Quota List
" and "Office 365: Mailbox Storage Exceeding Quota Count
" Metrics
  • Added a new Actionable Alert rule, "Office 365 | Users Exceeding Mailbox Storage Quota"
    • This required the reprovisioning of our Data Print to display quotas in the proper numerical format to match Microsoft.
  • Updated the Metric for "Office 365: User Accounts with Weak Passwords"
  • Updated the Metric for "Office 365: Admin Users with MFA Disabled Count" to be more stable

Cisco Meraki Inspector Improvements

  • Implemented a preflight check to ensure the Inspector is inspecting the correct device
  • General stability improvements to make the Inspector more performant
  • Added preflight message when configuring the Inspector to inform the partner when the target organization does not exist/was not found
  • Improved error logging

Identity Monitoring Improvements

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Partners now have 20 votes in the Liongard Ideas Portal
  • The "Agent Type" column is now a default column on the Admin > Inspectors page
  • Removed the Task ID from alert titles on the Single Environment Dashboard
  • Added a documentation link on the Agents screen to direct partners to resources on how to uninstall an Agent.
  • Product stability improvements to optimize our databases to avoid outages
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin > Inspectors table was not resizing in width based on screen size
  • TLS/SSL Inspector stability improvements
  • Added "Trimmed Inspector Payload" as a field on the Roar Inspector template.

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Release Notes Through 2020-09-16

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