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Welcome! You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help MSPs start working with Liongard's Roar as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's go #MakeITRoar!

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Ideas Portal

Use our Ideas Portal to provide your feedback on Roar!

We are completely driving our Product Roadmap based on partner feedback!

If you'd like to see a new Inspector move into production, something more from an Inspector we do have in production, or anything else, let us know by submitting an Idea on our Ideas Portal.

We frequently review our Ideas Portal to adjust our Product Roadmap. To ensure we are moving the most requested Ideas into production, we allow our partners to vote. Each partner gets 10 votes. If an Idea you upvote moves into our Roadmap, you will receive one of your 10 votes back, so get voting!

Ideas Portal

Ideas Portal Best Practices:

  • Search your Idea in the "Search Ideas" bar before submitting an Idea. If someone has already submitted your suggestion, upvote it!
  • Use your 10 votes wisely. Vote on your most pressing wants from Roar, and remember if one of your voted on Ideas goes into production, you will earn that vote back.
  • Check the Ideas Portal frequently to see what our partners are suggesting and provide any feedback or comments you may have!
  • If you see a great suggestion in our RUN Slack group, encourage that member to submit an Idea on our Ideas Portal.

Last Updated: 2019-07-18

Updated 4 months ago

Ideas Portal

Use our Ideas Portal to provide your feedback on Roar!

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