Sharing Feedback in Liongard

Liongard's "Share Your Feedback" feature is an integral component of our Experiment and Evolve core value. This tool allows partners communicate their insights, experiences, and suggestions directly to the Liongard team. Whether it's a feature enhancement, or a usability improvement, your input is invaluable in helping us refine our platform to better meet you and your teams' needs.

To submit feedback, navigate to the Support dropdown menu and select Share your Feedback. This will open a form to be completed and sent directly to our product team and there is no limit on the number of feedback submissions per user.

Best Practices for Submitting Feedback

  • Categorize your Idea: Use the "Category" dropdown to correctly classify your feedback. This helps route your feedback to the right team quickly
  • Title your Feedback Appropriately: Provide a concise and descriptive title in the "Title" field to summarize your feedback at a glance.
  • Explain the Importance: In the "What is your feedback? Why is it important to you?" section, describe how the issue or feature request could improve your workflow or day to day operations. Understanding the significance helps us prioritize changes.
  • Propose a Solution: If you have an idea of how your issue could be resolved or what would enhance your experience, describe it in the "What's your ideal solution?" section.
  • Provide Supporting Materials: Use the "Attachments" section to upload screenshots, error logs, or any other documents that can provide additional context.