Release Notes Through 2021-09-01


Exciting Agent Updates are Coming!

In the coming months, lots of exciting Agent updates are headed your way. To take advantage, make sure your On-Premises and Self-Hosted Agents are on the latest version (2.0.6 or newer).

For more information, please review our documentation.

Liongard Academy

Liongard Academy, our learning and resource center, and our Liongard Certified Professional (LCP) Certification are live!

Our LCP certification program is the quickest way to learn how to leverage Liongard to the fullest. Not only will you get a sweet new certificate to show off on LinkedIn, but it will also validate your automation expertise as a Liongard Expert!

We have also recently added a new course and learning path as well! Check out "Introduction to Liongard" and "How to Write a Metric Learning Path" today!

Sign up today: Liongard Academy.

As always, feel free to share any feedback or questions in the Liongard Lounge, our Slack community, in the #liongard-academy channel!

Liongard Library

Liongard now has a community library, the Liongard Library, where Liongard users can share custom Metrics with other partners. You can access the Liongard Library in the Support drop-down menu in Liongard.

Check out the Liongard Library today!

Feature Updates

Scheduled Reports

Reports can now be scheduled to generate on a weekly or monthly recurrence and sent directly to your inbox.


Phased Rollout

This feature is being phased into Liongard instances. The rollout should be completed by the end of the month and you will be notified in-app when this is available for your use.

A schedule can be added to an existing report by navigating to Reports > Reports Tab and selecting Add Schedule from the Actions column.


Reports can also be scheduled as the last step when creating a new report, either from scratch or from a Report template.


For more information, see our Reports documentation

Platform Updates

Kaseya BMS Integration in Production

The Kaseya BMS Integration is now in Production. After receiving feedback on and deploying requested enhanced capabilities, Liongard considers this Integration complete and it should function properly under normal conditions. Liongard Alert Link URL and Roarbot Comments are now also included on the PSA ticket.

Syncro Integration in Production

The Syncro Integration is now in Production. After receiving feedback on and deploying requested enhanced capabilities, Liongard considers this Integration complete and should function properly under normal conditions. Liongard Alert Link URL and Roarbot Comments are now also included on the PSA ticket.

Inspector Updates

Azure Active Directory Inspector

  • Updated the Inspector to ensure successful runs when using a Self-Hosted Agent
  • Added stability improvements for Identity Protection endpoints, such as /riskDetections and /riskyUsers
  • Resolved an issue causing per-user group assignments to be excluded from the Data Print
  • Updated the Inspector preflight to check for additional configuration issues

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

Platform Updates and Bug Fixes


  • Updated the NameID format in SSO to better align with industry standards


  • Adjusted the behavior of On-Premise Agents to avoid needing to restart when communication is interrupted

Actionable Alerts

  • Improved readability of the system dropdown in the Actionable Alert Rule Builder when using Dark Mode
  • Corrected a permissions issue allowing users to view silenced rules and to activate or archive launchpoints when those actions should have been restricted
  • Actionable Alerts that can't be generated in a PSA integration because the Environment isn't properly mapped will now display that condition properly in the error message


  • Corrected an issue causing the wrong error screen to appear when attempting to activate an Inspector without an assigned Environment
  • Resolved an issue causing Inspectors reassigned to a different Environment to continue showing the previous Environment name
  • Multiple Liongard Environments can no longer be mapped to a single company in your PSA and if attempting to do so, an error message will now appear


  • Resolved an issue where Metric values selected for the Dynamic Inspector Configuration of the Identity Monitoring Inspector were not visible when clicking in to edit the Inspector


  • Updated the Windows ConnectWise Configuration to include OS Type and Physical Memory in the device details section of the config
  • Improved the ConnectWise reset integration modal by adding steps to delete all ConnectWise callbacks

Kaseya BMS

  • Removed the unnecessary "due date" check when setting up Kaseya BMS Ticketing that would result in an inaccurate error message being displayed

Inspector Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Active Directory: Made several updates to the Inspector to better handle disabled users and removed activity options of "New & Never Used" and "In Use Recently"
  • Barracuda Firewall: Addressed an issue causing certain inspections to fail during transform
  • Bitdefender GravityZone: Resolved an issue causing the Inspector to fail when running via the On-Demand Agent
  • ConnectWise: Updated Inspector to check for API security role issues during preflight
  • Continuum RMM: Added an option in the launchpoint template to include or exclude the "Software Installed" Data Print array to assist partners with excessively large payloads
  • Datto RMM: Updated the inspector to ensure discovered Child Inspectors are assigned to the correct Environment
  • ESET: Resolved an issue causing the Inspector to fail when a suspended trial license is detected
  • Google Workspace: Added user's group information to the Data Print
  • Identity Monitoring: Reconfigured the Inspector to handle timeouts when using the On-Demand Agent
  • Identity Monitoring: Corrected an issue causing the error "TypeError: e.trim is not a function"
  • Internet Domain/DNS: Updated the Data Print to ensure that boolean values are captured for certain object values (DMARCExists, SPFExists, etc.)
  • Internet Domain/DNS: Added support for .health and .bz domains
  • Internet Domain/DNS: Updated the Inspector to ensure SPF records are properly evaluated
  • Kaseya VSA: Corrected an issue preventing the Kaseya VSA Inspector from running via on On-Premises Agent
  • Microsoft 365: Resolved an issue causing inspections to fail while logging users missing in Active Users report
  • Microsoft 365: Updated the Inspector to continue running when encountering specific errors fetching per-user mailbox rules
  • Microsoft 365: Added additional logging to help troubleshoot cases where a user in an Azure AD tenant isn't marked as "Active"
  • Microsoft Azure: Updated the Inspector to ensure paged responses are captured
  • Microsoft Azure: Updated the Inspector to use the latest version for each Azure REST API endpoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Added a delay to retry requests to reduce Inspector failures
  • Microsoft SharePoint: Improved logging and error handling when the tenant lacks a SharePoint Online license
  • N-Able RMM: Updated the Inspector to ensure that child inspectors aren't erroneously rediscovered
  • SentinelOne: Corrected several issues including all users being pulled back into the wrong child launchpoint, child accounts not recognizing the Site ID, and the Inspector failing to return all sites
  • SonicWall: Resolved an issue in which address objects were not being parsed in certain circumstances
  • Sophos Central: Corrected an issue causing mass failures of the Sophos Central Inspector
  • Synology NAS: Updated the Inspector to capture transform errors, log those errors, and continue the inspection
  • VMWare ESXi: Corrected an issue causing the Inspector to fail if the firmware version of the device can not be determined
    *Windows: Updated the Inspector to ensure security patch data and user/group descriptions are correctly captured