Release Notes Through 2021-02-03

Feature Updates

Reports Feature

Liongard now has a dedicated Reports feature. Reports can be found on the main navigation bar.

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Reports can contain data for multiple Systems and Environments using Metric-based tables. Partners can generate one-time use reports or create persistent reports using Reports from existing report templates. A link to Liongard's Reports can be shared via email and reports can be downloaded via Excel.

Actionable Alert Rule Updates

  • Updated the verbiage for the Actionable Alert rule "Active Directory: User Accounts with Incorrect Passwords" to be clearer and in line with Microsoft's reporting on the Active Directory user property "Bad-Pwd-Count". An alert on this Metric means that the value of the "Bad-Pwd-Count" property for one or more users has increased to greater than 0 at the time of the inspection. It is also worth noting that the count may drop back to 0 overtime depending on applied Group Policies in the domain.
  • Added a new Actionable Alert rule for the StorageCraft SPX Inspector to alert on failed backup attempts based on backup event results.

Inspector Updates

Microsoft Teams Inspector in Production

  • The Microsoft Teams Inspector is now in Production
  • Improved the Inspector's inspection capabilities
  • Mappings are now available for this Inspector
  • Finalized the Overview Data View table, Endpoints Data View table, and Data Print
  • Added Metrics and Actionable Alert rules to the library

Cisco Small Business Solution (SBS) Switch Inspector in Preview

Microsoft Sharepoint Inspector in Preview

  • The Microsoft Sharepoint Inspector is in Preview. This is the initial Inspector version.
  • The Overview Data View table, Endpoints Data View table, and Data Print are available

SolarWinds Backup Inspector in Preview

  • The SolarWinds Backup Inspector is in Preview. This is the initial Inspector version.
  • The Overview Data View table, Endpoints Data View table, and Data Print are available

Network Discovery Inspector Update

  • The Network Discovery Inspector will no longer be auto-activated by the local Windows Inspector.
  • The local Windows Inspector will continue to auto-discover new Network Discovery Inspectors.
  • Any currently activated Network Discovery Inspectors will not be affected by this update.

SentinelOne Inspector Updates

  • Updated the SentinelOne Inspector configurations to allow users to use an API Key instead of a Username and Password
  • Updated the query for the Metric "SentinelOne: Systems With Active Threats List" to remove an error causing incorrect data to be shown

Platform Updates

Hudu Integration

  • Liongard can now be integrated with Hudu. For information on completing this integration, please see Hudu documentation.

Narmada Integration

  • Liongard can now be integrated with Narmada. For more information on completing this integration, please see Narmada documentation.

ServiceNow Ticketing

  • Ticketing functionality is now available for our ServiceNow Integration (Beta)
  • Ticketing for ServiceNow can be set up by navigating to Admin > Integrations > ServiceNow > Ticketing
  • For additional information, see our ServiceNow Ticketing documentation.

SolarWinds RMM Agent Install Script

  • There is now a script available for SolarWinds RMMs to deploy Liongard's On-Premise Agent
  • Information can be found here.

Updated Integrations Fields/Titles

  • Updated Integrations Fields/Titles to reference "Liongard" instead of "Roar"
  • Replaced the link within IT Glue Flexible Assets to say "View in Liongard" vs. "View in Roar"
  • Replaced any text that said “Roar” to say “Liongard” in the Integrations screens
  • Replaced “Roar URL” with “Liongard URL” in Autotask and ConnectWise ticket bodies

Reader Role Updates

  • With the introduction of the new Reports feature, the Reader role is able to create Reports and Reports templates.
  • Added the following description to the Reader role: “Read-only permission to resources related to administrative actions. Readers are able to generate and use data within their corresponding Environment(s) for actions such as reporting."

AWS Certificate Authority Requirements Notice

Beginning March 23rd, 2021, Amazon will be migrating several services that Liongard uses to a new Certificate Authority named "Amazon Trust Services."

More information about Amazon Trust Services can be found here.

All modern browsers trust Amazon's Certificate Authority. There should be no action necessary to continue to use Liongard. However, in the event that you are using a non-supported browser or deprecated Operating System, you can find instructions on adding Amazon Trust Services to your trust store by following the instructions found here.

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Improved navigation when a user clicks from the Quick View preview modal to the specific Quick View. The user now lands on the Quick View table within the Data View tab.
  • Updated Liongard generated emails to replace any reference of Roar to say Liongard. Emails will still come from [email protected]
  • Improved custom Actionable Alert rules to trigger properly when a Metric has a Change Detection disabled.
  • Updated the email field when creating or editing users to only accept one email address.
  • Fixed an issue where Liongard mismatched Environment names when discovering Inspectors.
  • Added support for DKIM discovery to the Internet Domain/DNS Inspector
  • Resolved an issue causing some Internal Domain/DNS Inspections to fail
  • Resolved a publishing issue causing some ESET Licensing Inspectors to fail
  • Updated the Azure Active Directory Inspector "Intune Devices Overview" table
  • Resolved an issue causing some Sophos SG Inspectors to fail
  • Resolved an issue where archiving a note would incorrectly display an error message

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