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Release Notes Through 2020-11-18

Inspector Updates

Active Directory Inspector Updates

  • Added a tooltip to the "Anomalous Activity" column in the Users Table to better explain how brute force Actionable Alerts are triggered

Bitdefender GravityZone Inspector Updates

  • Added a new Metric, "Bitdefender GravityZone: Privileged Users List" to return the email, role, and multi-factor authentication status of all privileged users.
  • Added a new Actionable Alert rule, "Bitdefender GravityZone | Change to the Number of Privileged Users"

Cisco Umbrella Inspector Updates

  • Resolved an issue in which some Cisco Umbrella Parent Inspectors were unexpectedly failing

Datto RMM Inspector Updates

  • Minor stability improvements to reduce the failure rate.
  • Minor updates and improvements to the Data Print

SentinelOne Inspector Updates

  • Updated the SentinelOne Inspector's authentication logic to resolve failures when running multiple inspections at the same time. This does not affect or resolve MFA support.

Platform Updates

Autotask Integration Updates

  • Improved how Liongard handles special characters, in company names and Actionable Alerts, such as “<“, “&", etc. to avoid generating ticket failures and/or companies failing to import in Liongard.

Column Toggle Improvement

Improved the user experience when interacting with sorted columns to avoid resorting tables in real-time while the user is still interacting with dropdown fields or toggles.

For example, previously, when a user is toggling on and off rules within an Actionable Alert template and the table is sorted by the "Enabled" column, if a user toggled off a rule, the table re-sorted in real-time bringing that rule out of sight to the bottom of the list. Now, we will keep that rule visible until the user either manually re-sorts the table or revisits this table.

Feature Updates

Actionable Alert Updates

  • If an Actionable Alert’s status is moved to "Closed-Complete" only enabled Inspectors will automatically re-run. Disabled Inspectors will no longer be activated to run.
  • Updated the Actionable Alerts documentation links to route users to the correct documentation.
  • Improved how we report errors associated with Autotask ticketing to provide more detailed messages.

New Metrics

Added Metrics for the following Inspectors: Active Directory, Cisco Umbrella, Microsoft/Office 365, Roar, SonicWall, and Windows.

  • Active Directory: End of Life Workstations (Excludes Roar Group)
  • Active Directory: List of Active Users with Brute Force Attempts
  • Cisco Umbrella: List of Devices
  • Office 365: Licensed User Summary
  • Office 365: List of user accounts with Exchange License
  • Office 365: Stale and Licensed Users
  • Roar Inspector: Billable Environment with over 10 Enhanced Inspectors
  • Roar Inspector: List of Agents not Checking In
  • Roar Inspector: List of Failed Launchpoints (Inspectors)
  • SonicWall: List of Explicit Allow Any WAN to LAN Rules
  • Windows: List of DNS Servers

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Minor stability improvements to reduce the failure rate of the Amazon Web Services Inspector
  • Security improvements to the Environment Admin role based on feedback from proactive testing
  • Fixed an issue where exporting all systems for an Environment would fail
  • Fixed an issue where users accessing Liongard via iPad would erroneously be sent back to the login screen - If you haven't tried the Liongard on an IPad experience, check it out! Liongard on a touch screen is a unique experience!
  • Updated the Internet Domain/DNS Inspector to inspect domains with ".fr"
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect Change Detection comments were added to the Actionable Alert that was re-opened based on a change being detected.

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Release Notes Through 2020-11-18

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