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Release Notes Through 2020-08-26

Platform Updates

Password Policy Update

Liongard is now enforcing two requirements for users' passwords:

  1. Minimum password length of eight characters
  2. Minimum password complexity of letters, at least one symbol, and at least one number.

This update will not force any current users, who do not meet the current password policy, to reset their passwords.

Feature Updates

Metric Preview Query Update

To give users more insight into how their Metric results will appear across Liongard, we’ve added a Preview Query option.

Without Preview Query Selected:

With Preview Query Selected:

Actionable Alerts Improvements

  • Added the ability to generate a test ticket for the Autotask ticketing integration.
  • Added a link to Actionable Alert tickets sent to ConnectWise or Autotask that takes users to the System details information for the inspection that triggered the alert.

Inspector Updates

ESET Inspector in Preview.

  • The ESET Licensing is now in Preview, including overview data, a Data Print, and Endpoints views.
  • Basic Metrics created and available in the Metrics Library.

Cisco ASA Improvements

  • Added a preflight check warning if not running Cisco ASA OS
  • Added a preflight check warning if “enable” password is incorrect
  • Added capability to run against Cisco ASA devices with Firepower eXtensible Operating System (FXOS)
  • Chassis Serial Number added to Data Print and IT Glue mappings
  • Updated Metric Names to better align with Metric output

Active Directory Updates

  • Added a tooltip for the Privileged Groups column to surface how and where Liongard pulls definitions of Privileged Groups
  • Added additional information in the logs to help surface and troubleshoot Inspector failures around GPO Report

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Improve Change Detection functionality when a record is removed from an array.
  • Improved the "Office 365: Exposure to Privileged Account(s)" Alert to prevent false positives due to the Metric value-type being returned
  • Improved auto-discovery logic for the Active Directory Inspector
  • Improved the Change Detections table on the Single Environment Dashboard to update when navigating from one Environment to another
  • The Onboarding Checklist icon will now persist in the header even if a user dismisses the checklist during the side-panel view. To remove the checklist icon, the user will need to uncheck “Show Onboard Checklist” under Support.
  • Added a Group ID field, surfaced on the Groups page, to the CSV Users file so users can now assign a certain user to a particular group scoped to specific Environments.
  • Added preflight check and error messaging for the Sophos Central Inspector for Parent Inspector configuration
  • Improved error handling for the Identity Monitoring Inspector

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Release Notes Through 2020-08-26

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