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Release Notes Through 2020-08-05

Platform Updates

Live Chat Support

Users can now access Liongard Support through the blue chat icon in Liongard Liongard and on the Liongard Documentation Site.

  • Live support is available from 8 AM-7 PM CT.
  • If you need to reach support when Liongard is unavailable, you can still start a chat, and you will receive email correspondence where Liongard will respond when we return.
  • The icon can also be used to search Liongard's Documentation Site
  • Users will receive an email of the chat for their records once the issue is resolved.
  • Note: If customers purchased Liongard through a service provider, this feature may not be available.

Discovered By Column for Discoveries Table

Added a “Discovered By” column to the Discoveries screen to indicate where the System Inspector was discovered.

Inspector Updates

JumpCloud in Production

The JumpCloud Inspector is in Production.

  • Added platform mappings
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Office 365 Inspector Improvements

  • Improved retry logic for inspection of Mail Users
  • Resolved inspection failures for Office 365 during data pulls for Mailbox Usage details
  • Improved how Liongard identifies Privileged users for Office 365
    • With this improvement, there is a potential for Liongard to trigger Change Detections for users, who have not been active in the last 30 days, who were already considered to be Privileged.
  • Improved data points and dependencies for Active Users reporting
  • Completed work on internal debug tooling and logging

Network Discovery Inspector Improvements

  • Re-added erroneously omitted platform mappings for the new version of the Network Discovery Inspector
  • Completed various bug fixes and small user experience improvements

Bitdefender Inspector Improvements

  • Adjusted timeout values to ensure a more reliable return of data
  • Added additional debug logging

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Improved Actionable Alert Ticketing Integration screen
  • Users can now properly sort columns in data tables by IP addresses
  • When exporting System, Metric, and Billing Review tables within an Environment, the CSV file name now includes the Environment and System names
  • Improved navigation when a user clicks into an Actionable Alert from the Single Environment Overview screen and from a single-system view
  • Improved user experience for empty arrays when navigating in the Data Print Explorer
  • Fixed an issue in cases where the UI could not render certain Metric values
  • Stability improvements for the Metrics screen on the Single Environment Dashboard
  • Updated the message when a Metric is toggled on to display
  • Added an error message when a user attempts to name an Actionable Alert rule or Metric with an existing Actionable Alert rule or Metric name
  • Improved the Agent install to support certain characters in the Agent Name
  • Improved the Identity Monitoring Inspector to reduce failures
  • Fixed an issue for System Inspectors who were being rediscovered if they had “?” trailing whitespace and “&” in the name
  • Continued rollout of updated Active Directory Privileged Users and Groups definition
  • Added additional retry logic to the Sophos Central Inspector to ensure a more reliable return of data
  • Removed the DirectoryAudit node from the Azure Active Directory Data Print to reduce payload size
  • Added an error message for the Fortinet Fortigate Inspector when the user's Agent’s IP address is not whitelisted

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Release Notes Through 2020-08-05

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