Release Notes Through 2022-01-12


Agent End of Life

Liongard will stop supporting Agents older than 3.0.2 on April 30th, 2022. Please update your Agents before this date to ensure that your Inspectors continue to function properly.


Liongard Agent Version

Liongard continues to update and improve our Agents. To take advantage, make sure your On-Premises and Self-Hosted Agents are on the latest version (3.2.1 or newer).

For more information, please review our documentation.

Platform Updates

ConnectWise Manage Integration Updates

Comment Destination Field

For Actionable Alerts sent to ConnectWise as tickets, partners can now choose where additional Roarbot comments appear in their ConnectWise instance. Additional Roarbot comments can now be sent to the "Discussion," "Internal," or "Resolution" fields within ConnectWise. Initial Roarbot comments will continue to be sent to the "Internal Notes" field in ConnectWise.

To select/modify the destination of additional comments, navigate to Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise > Ticketing > Comments Destination field.


Permission Updates

  • Updated the minimum permissions required to properly configure the ConnectWise Manage Integration. To see which permissions can be reduced or completely removed, review our documentation.
  • Updated the ConnectWise Integration configuration user interface to only display required permissions. Optional permission rows were removed.

Updated Billing Information for Endpoint Inspectors

Updated the Company Settings page to show Included Endpoint Inspectors and partners' Minimum Commitment for Endpoint Inspectors


Feature Updates

Windows Server Inspector Auto-activation

Removed the auto-activation of the Windows Server Inspector when an On-Premises Agent is installed on a Windows Server. The Windows Server Inspector will still be auto-discovered and can be activated by navigating to Admin > Discoveries.

Any partner with internal documentation and/or processes documentation for onboarding a new customer using Liongard, may need to update it to accommodate this change.

Inspector Updates

QuickBooks Inspector in Preview

  • The QuickBooks Inspector is in Preview. This is the initial inspector version
  • The Overview Data View Table, Customers Data View Table, Vendors Data View Table, Employees Data View Table, and Data Print are available

SonicWall Inspector Improvements

Multiple improvements have been made to the SonicWall Inspector to improve stability and address missing data points. This should decrease failure rates for this Inspector, primarily those running firmware version 6.5.

The SonicWall Inspector does not currently support firmware version 7 or higher. Liongard is in the early stages of building a SonicOS API Inspector that will be compatible with SonicWall devices running version 7 or higher. To submit feedback on this new Inspector please see this idea in the Liongard Ideas Portal.

Scheduled Inspectors Bug

In mid-December, Liongard was notified about a bug that caused scheduled Inspectors to not run. This bug was resolved by December 20th via a hotfix. Review Change Detections triggered on December 20th and 21st to see if there are any system changes for your team to review.

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

Platform Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Added the ability to bulk delete Liongard Environments on the Admin > Environments screen
  • Improved the performance of the Single Environment Dashboard > Changes tab
  • When exporting tables in Liongard, all pages are now exported instead of just the rows being currently viewed
  • Improved the user experience when selecting the browser's back button while on System Details pages
  • Adding braces "{}" within an Actionable Alert title will no longer cause the title to disappear
  • Corrected an issue causing some existing Reports to fail to load data when selected
  • Removed the "Cannot fetch QR Code" error message when setting up app-based MFA
  • Ensured that the Single Environment Dashboard will correctly load for all Environments
  • Updated Dark Mode styling for Create Metrics and Add Metrics side panels
  • Corrected the last login date for Liongard partners using SSO
  • Ensured all table filters now appear when viewing historical timeline entries
  • Improved infrastructure to prevent login issues
  • Ensured all Data View tables load properly for systems using large Data Prints
  • Corrected an issue where page numbers within data tables were not being updated as expected
  • Using the "Reset Table" button will no longer cause the page to crash
  • Ensured the Systems tab on the Liongard Dashboard will always load, regardless of Actionable Alert count
  • Addressed an issue causing On-Demand Agents to fail to deploy for Canadian instances
  • Updated the Admin > Integrations screen to include additional integrations
  • Made several updates to the Email Integration around email validation and acceptance of valid characters in email addresses
  • When editing IT Glue Flexible Assets, the correct fields for that particular asset will now always display. In some cases, after saving an asset and opening a new asset, the fields for the first asset would be incorrectly displayed
  • When renaming IT Glue Flexible Assets the correct name for that asset will now always display. In some cases, after renaming and saving an asset and then opening a new asset, the name of the first asset opened would incorrectly display
  • If the maximum number of Microsoft Teams notifications is reached, we will now process and display the 429 error returned from Microsoft Teams. Rate limiting was also added in an attempt to prevent this from occurring.
  • Ampersands now display correctly for the Ticket Note Publish Type dropdown of the Autotask Ticketing Integration
  • System Inspectors that utilize the On-Demand Agent are now limited to 12 ad hoc runs within a 24 hour period

Feature Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Updated verbiage for several Liongard-created Actionable Alert rule descriptions
  • Added several Liongard JMESPath extensions and functions to make JMESPath more powerful and convenient. More information on these functions can be found in our "How to Write a Metric" documentation.
  • Added a Reports template and Metrics to provide visibility into Log4j vulnerability impact
  • Improved the drop-down field when building Reports for easier navigation
  • Improved the handling of reopened Actionable Alerts. When an alert is reopened, it will now post the new detected changes and any new alert information to both the PSA ticket (if set up) and the Liongard Actionable Alert.
  • Corrected an issue for the ConnectWise Integration where sometimes silencing an Actionable Alert would not save when the screen was refreshed
  • When an Environment is removed from an Actionable Alert template, any previously generated Actionable Alerts will no longer disappear
  • Actionable Alert comments will now be included in all tickets for partners who have multiple integrations set up
  • Corrected an issue causing some scheduled reports to fail to run. Any missed reports were generated after the update

Inspector Updates and Bug Fixes

  • 3CX: Updated the Inspector to maintain compatibility with more versions of 3CX
  • Active Directory: Updated the Inspector to ensure DHCP details display properly
  • Azure Active Directory: Corrected an issue causing the "Users" Data View tab to crash.
  • Azure Active Directory: Updated the Inspector to ensure a user's assigned groups are captured in full
  • Cisco IOS: The Inspector will no longer fail when running on older Liongard Agent versions
  • ConnectWise Manage: Updated the Inspector to capture additional data. For more information, review our documentation.
  • Domotz: Reduced inspection time for the Parent Inspector of systems that contain device data
  • GoDaddy: Removed the "Account_ID" configuration field from the Inspector configuration page
  • HP Procurve: Updated the Inspector to prevent timeouts due to paged responses
  • IT Glue: Added missing dependencies to the Inspector causing it to get stuck in a scheduled state when using an On-Demand Agent
  • KnowBe4: Updated the Inspector to ensure the inspection does not exceed the API rate limit
  • Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Sharepoint: Updated the Inspectors to ensure all result pages are processed correctly and a full set of information is displayed after an inspection.
  • Microsoft Teams: The Inspector will no longer occasionally fail when evaluating users with privileged roles
  • pfSense: Updated the Inspector to ensure inspections are processed in the event that unexpected characters are initially returned
  • Salesforce: Updated Inspector error handling logic and added additional preflight error messaging
  • Syncro: Added support for subdomains
  • Windows Workstation: Updated the Inspector to ensure all locally installed software is captured and correct NIC speeds are reported

API Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Added 3 fields in the "Related Entities" response (v2 only) to get faster relation of systems to partners' environments.
  • A proper error code will now display when PageSize = 0 for Metric v2 endpoints
  • Queries to the "System Evaluate Metrics" (v2 only) endpoint will now verify that all enabled Metric values are returned properly
  • Evaluating Metrics from one service provider will no longer potentially return results from unintended service providers

Liongard Academy

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