General Integrations Knowledge Base Items

Can I create more than one integration?

Currently, Liongard only supports a single integration per platform instance per Liongard instance.

As an example, you can connect one Liongard Instance to one IT Glue instance, one ConnectWise instance, and one Autotask instance. In this situation, you would have three platform integrations, but only one per type of integration. This is supported.

Liongard cannot support multiple integrations per platform instance per Liongard instance. For example, one Liongard instance cannot integrate to two ConnectWise platform instances.

If this is something that you would like to see in Liongard, please submit a feedback request in our Ideas Portal to get the issue some attention!

How can I see which Inspectors map to which Configurations/Flexible Assets?

You can check which Inspectors map to which Configurations/Flexible Assets by:


Navigate to Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise > Select Configurations > Review columns Liongard Inspector(s) and Mapped ConnectWise Configuration Type


IT Glue

Navigate to Admin > Integrations > IT Glue > Select Flexible Assets > Review columns Liongard Inspector(s) and Mapped IT Glue Flexible Asset Type


Can I change the name of ConnectWise Configurations?

Everything in the asset (auto) is controlled by Liongard. If you change the Configuration name, Liongard will change it back when it lands the next inspection. This is the same with all the fields in the Configuration. A mapping can only be broken if the user intentionally unmaps it in the Integration section or if the configuration is deleted on the ConnectWise side. If the asset is deleted in ConnectWise, Liongard clears the mapping and recreates it.

Can I create a Parent/Child Environment in Liongard?

To create a Parent/Child relationship for Environments in Liongard, go to Admin > Environments.

  1. Click the name of the Environment you would like to make a Child Environment.
  2. Select a Parent Environment for the Environment.

Please note that Child Environments will be billed the same way as your Parent Environments, barring special negotiated pricing.

For further information, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Implementing SSO with Passly

If you are getting an "Error code: 500" when trying to configure Passly for Liongard SSO, changing the Attribute Value {User.EmailAddress} to Send As should resolve the issue.