ConnectWise Integration Knowledge Base Items

My ConnectWise integration is failing to fetch Environments!

If you have successfully set up your ConnectWise integration, but you are unable to fetch any companies to import, you may be experiencing a known bug with an older version of the ConnectWise API.


  • You are running ConnectWise on-prem, and have v2018.6 of the API.
  • You are seeing the error: "Liongard API error, server could not fetch environments from ConnectWise instance. Please check that your credentials are correct."
  • You have selected one or more territories to filter on in your "Import Options" tab.


Check your version of the ConnectWise API

Visit this URL to check your version of the ConnectWise API if you aren't sure:

"https://" + ConnectWiseSite + "/login/companyinfo/" + LoginCompanyId

So for ConnectWise that would be:



  1. Upgrade your version of ConnectWise to the latest stable version or,
  2. Uncheck all territory filtering options.


Version 2018.6 of the ConnectWise API had a bug with how they handled territory filtering, and so we are unable to support territory filtering for that version of the API.

What data syncs from Liongard to ITBoost via ConnectWise Manage Configurations?

Our integration with ITBoost is a passive integration through ConnectWise. The configuration details pushed to ConnectWise can be pushed to ITBoost.

Resolving the Error, "Updating ConnectWise has failed. Please see inspection logs..."

If you are seeing the error, "Updating ConnectWise has failed. Please see inspection logs for more troubleshooting information" on all of your System Inspectors for one type (i.e. all Microsoft 365 Inspectors), it indicates that the ConnectWise configurations cannot be synced from Liongard to ConnectWise.

To correct this error, navigate to Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise > Configuration Types. On the Configuration tab, scroll to the bottom table titled "All ConnectWise Configuration Types" and find the Configuration name that is no longer updating.

In the column titled "Mapped Liongard Configuration Type" click the "Remove Mapping" button.


Once you have removed the broken mapping, scroll back to the top of that page, and find the "Troubleshooting" pulldown in the righthand corner of the first table. Select "Repair Mappings."


After the mappings have been repaired, use that same "Troubleshooting" menu and select "Re-Sync ConnectWise."

After repairing the mappings and re-syncing ConnectWise, the next time the Inspector runs the configurations will start to update in ConnectWise once again. You can force run the Inspector if you would like the updated configuration to push to ConnectWise immediately.

If you are seeing this condition on all of your System Inspectors, please open a chat with Support as it likely indicates a larger issue with the sync between Liongard and ConnectWise.

My ConnectWise Manage Inspector is failing due to payload size.

In some cases, the ConnectWise Manage Inspector will return a payload size larger than Liongard currently supports. This will not prevent the integration from functioning in any way. However, if you need to see the ConnectWise Manage Inspector data, you can trim the payload by editing the Inspector's configuration and disabling the Agreements, Additions, & Invoices and/or Projects and/or SecurityRoles fields. This should trim the payload enough for the Inspector to start landing properly.

If you are still having issue, please reach out to Liongard Support.