Ideas Portal

Use our Ideas Portal to provide your feedback on Liongard!

Thank you to all of our partners who are actively participating in our Ideas Portal. The Product Team is constantly reading your ideas and working hard to move them forward. We can’t promise all ideas will become a reality, but we can promise we always have our partners in mind when building and improving Liongard.

See below for some Frequently Asked Questions about our Ideas Portal.

Ideas Portal

Ideas Portal Best Practices

  • Search your Idea in the "Search Ideas" bar before submitting an Idea. If someone has already submitted your suggestion, upvote it!
  • Use your 20 votes wisely. Vote on your most pressing wants from Liongard, and remember, if one of your voted on Ideas goes into production, you will earn that vote back.
  • Check the Ideas Portal frequently to see what our partners are suggesting and provide any feedback or comments you may have!
  • If you see a great suggestion in our Liongard Lounge Slack group, encourage that member to submit an Idea on our Ideas Portal. You can join our Liongard Lounge Slack group in the Support dropdown in your Liongard instance.

Ideas Portal FAQs

1. How many votes do I have?

Each user has an unlimited amount of votes. You can only submit one vote per idea per account.

2. What is considered an idea?

An idea can be a suggestion for improving a feature, a suggestion to add new functionality to an Inspector already in Liongard, or a suggestion for a new Inspector in Liongard. We suggest submitting ideas that are detailed and include a specific business challenge you’re encountering on a regular basis to help our Product Team understand what to solve for and to rally votes from other partners.

3. How are ideas evaluated?

Our Product Team uses a sophisticated process for developing new features and enhancements for our platform. They consider ideas from many sources, including the Ideas Portal, Liongard teammates, partners, the MSP market, etc. to ensure diversity of thought. We evaluate these ideas based on Liongard’s product strategy, their complexity, the current Product Roadmap, ROI, benefits to partners, and more.

As part of that process, we review new ideas submitted to the Ideas Portal weekly and revisit existing ideas regularly. We do our best to be diligent and make sure we’re staying in tune with how you’d like to see Liongard evolve and improve!

4. How do I know if my idea has been reviewed and/or will be implemented?

Once an idea is moved to a new status category you will receive an email with the new status and a link to visit the idea.

5. What do the different status options mean?

  • Needs Review: Idea has been submitted and has not been reviewed by our Product Team
  • Reviewed - Under Consideration: Idea has been reviewed by someone on the Product Team and is being considered to be a potential feature. The idea will be monitored and revisited on a recurring basis.
  • Reviewed - Candidate for Implementing: Idea has been promoted as a potential feature and made its way onto our development backlog. Please note, we cannot confirm that ideas with this status will be implemented and/or provide a time frame as to when they might be implemented. This status simply indicates the idea has the potential to be implemented
  • Planned: Idea is now a feature that is slated for an upcoming release.
  • Blocked: Idea is blocked due to a technical limitation or 3rd party dependency.
  • Under Development: Idea is actively being worked on by our engineering team.
  • Shipped: Idea has been shipped to customers' Liongard instances.
  • Already Exists: Idea is currently available to customers. If you have questions, please reach out to our team.
  • Future Consideration: Idea has very little engagement, and it is not in line with our near term roadmap. If the Idea receives additional votes, the idea will move to the, "Reviewed - Under Consideration" below the status "Reviewed - Likely To Implement:".