User Guidelines

This document is meant to help users understand Liongard's User Guidelines and Support recommendations.

Liongard Agents

Liongard Self-Managed Agent Versions

Liongard will periodically upgrade the Self-Managed Agent Version.

As of January 2023, the most up-to-date version of Liongard's Self-Managed Agent is Version 4.2.2. This agent has auto-upgrade capabilities built-in, and the details can be found here.

Liongard Agent Service Account Password Limitations

The password applied to the Service Account used with Liongard cannot exceed 128 characters.

Inspector Versions

Latest (Auto-Update) Version

Liongard recommends that all partners set all Inspectors to the "Latest (Auto-Update)" version. This ensures as Liongard improves Inspectors, users get the most up-to-date Inspector version.

Legacy Inspector Versions

In the case that Liongard upgrades an Inspector Version, Liongard will offer support for the older Inspector Version for six months after the updated version is released.

Liongard will cease to push any updates to outdated Inspector Versions once the updated version is released.

Software Versions for Inspectors

Liongard seeks to support all software versions for any System Inspector; however, there are limitations. Please see below for the System Inspectors with known version limitations as well as additional information on the scope of our Inspectors:

System InspectorSupported Versions
Active DirectoryThe Active Directory Inspector has limited support when run against domain controllers running Windows Server 2008 R2 or older operating systems.

This Inspector does not support "local inspections" (i.e., when the Liongard Agent is installed on the domain controller itself) for pre-2012 OS versions.

"Remote inspections" where the Agent is installed on another server with a newer OS version are possible but require Active Directory Web Services on the target domain controller. ADWS was not included by default on older versions of Windows Server and must be installed separately and at your own discretion.

For more information, please review this documentation
Barracuda FirewallThe Barracuda Firewall Inspector does not support clusters.
Cisco IOSThe Cisco IOS Inspector does not support the Cisco Small Business Series.
Fortinet FortiGate Firmware VersionLiongard supports Fortinet FortiGate firmware version 6.2 and later. We will support versions less than 6.2 on a reasonable-effort basis
HP ProCurveLiongard only supports HP ProCurve switches with ProVision OS.
Kaseya VSALiongard only supports the SaaS version of Kaseya VSA. On-premises versions are not currently supported.
LinuxThe Linux Inspector is only officially supported for Ubuntu and Red Hat distributions. Other distribution packages may or may not return a full data set.
SentinelOneYou must have standalone access to the SentinelOne cloud portal for our Inspector to run. If SentinelOne is integrated with your RMM and has no access to the cloud portal, our SentinelOne Inspector can't be used.
SSH-based Inspectors:

- Cisco ASA
- Cisco IOS
- Cisco Small Business Solution (SBS) Switch
- HP ProCurve
- Junos
- pfSense
- SonicWall
- WatchGuard
- VMware ESXi
All SSH-based Inspectors require Agent version 3.2.1 or newer for the Inspectors to run properly.

SSH-based Inspectors must run on an Agent that is hosted on a server 2012 R2 or newer.

If you need to upgrade your Agents, follow our documentation.
SonicWall Firmware VersionLiongard supports SonicWall firmware Version 6.x. We will support versions less than 6.0 on a reasonable-effort basis.
SQL ServerPowerShell 3.0 or greater is required at this time. Future versions may support PowerShell 2.0.
Synology NASThe Synology NAS Inspector is known to work on versions 6.2.x. and higher.
Ubiquity UniFiLiongard currently does not support the Unifi Cloud Access Portal.
VMware ESXiThe VMware ESXi Inspector is known to work on versions 5.5 and above.
VMware vCenterThe vCenter Inspector only supports version 6.5 or greater, and it only supports the appliance version, not the server version.
Windows ServerThe Windows Server Inspector requires a Windows Server operating system version 2012 or greater.


Liongard offers support for Windows Servers 2012 or newer.

Browser Extensions

Some browser extensions are known to cause issues with Liongard. The error message will usually display as "Oops! Something went wrong!" To troubleshoot, disable your browser extensions. If the error message persists, please open a chat with Support.

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