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Release Notes Through 2019-11-06


Major News: Single Environment Dashboard and TLS/SSL Certificate Auto-Discovery

So exciting! You can now drill into a Single Environment and gain visibility across that Environment's Systems, Change Detections, Alerts, and more!

Also, the Internet Domain Inspector can now auto-discover TLS/SSL certificates associated with the sub-domains selected in the Internet Domain/DNS Inspector.

Platform News

Single Environment Dashboard

  • In Roar, you can now drill into a single Environment to gain visibility across that Environment's Systems.
  • Outlined on this screen you'll see all of the System Inspectors, Change Detections in the last 90 Days, and Open Alerts
  • Individual Inspector Metrics can be selected and seen on one screen.
  • You have the ability to select up to 10 default Metrics to display globally.

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Drag & Drop Column Ordering Control

  • You can now change the order of all tables columns for further customization.

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Drag & Drop Actionable Alert Templates

  • Users now have the ability to modify the order of their Actionable Alert templates by dragging & dropping them from one screen.

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Cloning User-Generated Metrics

  • Users can now clone a Metric he/she builds.

Inspector News

Google G Suite Inspector in Labs

  • The Google G Suite Inspector is now in Labs. If you roll out this Inspector, please let us know any feedback you may have.


  • All mappings for VMWare ESXi are now available in IT Glue
  • Added Change Detections
  • VMware ESXi | VM List Modified
  • VMware ESXi | VM CPU Count Modifie
  • VMware ESXi | VM Memory Amount Modified
  • VMware ESXi | VM Hardware Version Modified
  • VMware ESXi | VM Datastore Modified
  • VMware ESXi | Host Physical Memory Amount Modified
  • VMware ESXi | Host CPU Count Modified
  • VMware ESXi | Host CPU Details Modified
  • VMware ESXi | Users List Modified
  • VMware ESXi | Network Routing Modified
  • VMware ESXi | VMNIC Details Modified
  • VMware ESXi | VMKNIC Details Modified
  • VMware ESXi | Datastore Details Modified
  • VMware ESXi | Software Version Modified
  • VMware ESXi | Software Serial Number Modified
  • VMware ESXi | Management IP Modified
  • Added Actionable Alerts
  • VMware ESXi | Host NICs Not Negotiated At Full Duplex
  • Improved stability for VMWare ESXi Inspector

Ubiquiti UniFi Inspector

  • Added details regarding Wi-Fi networks
  • Added WLAN Data Views and mappings

Active Directory

  • Added an "Email" column to the Users Data View
  • Improved Stale User Account Actionable Alert to now filter out disabled users
  • Updated mappings for:
    • Group Changes In Last 24 hours
    • Group Policy Settings
    • Organizational Units
    • DHCP
    • DNS
  • Trimmed Inspector payload option for Active Directory Inspector. When you add an Active Directory Inspector, you will see the below option:

Internet Domains/DNS

  • Changed minimum allowable interval from once per day to once per every four hours

TLS/SSL Certificate Inspector

  • The Internet Domain/DNS Inspector can now auto-discover TLS/SSL certificates associated with the sub-domains selected in the Internet Domain/DNS Inspector.

Webroot Inspector

  • Added Actionable Alert:
  • Webroot | Endpoint(s) Not Checking In

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates

  • Minor Sophos SG mappings fixed to fill in the Management IP Field
  • Added SecurityPolicy mappings to Sophos XG Inspector
  • Improved stability for Continuum Inspector
  • Improved stability for Identity Monitoring Inspector.
  • Office 365 Mailboxes view for "Storage Used" updated
  • In Roar, under the Support dropdown, you can now navigate to our Roar Users Network (RUN) Slack Group
  • Fixed Cisco IOS Inspector "Unexpected non-existent interface in parsing" regex matching issue
  • pfSense
  • Reordered Data Views
  • Reordered Filters Tab
  • Removed duplicate Tables from View
  • Updated Watchman Mappings
  • Updated Active Directory Metrics that use "Status" to "UserStatus"
  • Improved stability of handling network connections for SSH inspectors
  • Updated SQL Server Change Detection: "SQL Server Configurations Modified"
  • Minor mappings improvements for SonicWall, Cisco Meraki, and Sophos XG Inspectors
  • For the AWS Inspector, the "Instance Name" field in Roar is being pulled from the "Keyname" field in AWS
  • Improved Windows Inspector status details
  • Removed stale Actionable Alerts
  • SonicWall Inspector stability improvements

Updated 9 months ago

Release Notes Through 2019-11-06

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