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Release Notes Through 2019-04-12

Massive Release Alert

This is a huge release! There's lots of good stuff going on below, so make sure you check it all out!

Platform Improvements & Updates

We have four BIG updates on the Roar platform for you:

  • New Inspector Admin Screen with better categorization and sidebar navigation
  • Actionable Alert Global Control to control Alerts within Roar as well as ticketing into the PSA
  • System-Centric Dashboard available on the Roar home screen
  • Support for Setting "Run As" User is now baked into our MSI installer

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New Inspector Screen

We gave our Inspector screen a makeover to make it clearer for your team to find the Inspector you're looking for and to make it much clearer which of our early stage Inspectors are really ready to provide valuable data for your team versus those that are deployed for testing and feedback purposes.

You'll now see three different sections:

  • Production - Inspectors that are widely used by our customer base and ready for you to rollout! We always continue taking feedback on all inspectors, so let us know if there's more data that you'd like to see, but these are good to go!
  • Preview (Beta) - Early stage inspectors you can test to give our team feedback on the quantity and quality of the data returned and the reliability of the inspector. They may be safely deployed but have limited support from our Product Support team, the depth of data returned may vary, and they may not function properly on all versions of the target system.
  • Labs (Alpha) - Very early stage Inspectors available for our most adventurous partners to test. They may be safely deployed but are provided only for the purposes of providing feedback to our Product and Development teams and probably do not function on all versions of the target system.

And check out the new left-bar navigation on this screen - we will be rolling this out throughout the app in the coming months!

Actionable Alert Control

Roar now lets you use the Smart Templates for our Actionable Alerts to control not just which rules put tickets into your PSA but also what show up in Roar as Alerts: full control over where you see our Actionable Alerts!

This means the number of Tasks you see on the home screen will reflect the Alert templates and only show you alerts for the rules you've turned on.

System-Centric Dashboard

When you log into Roar, your default view is organized with a list of Environments (i.e., your customers) down the left side. There is now an additional tab on the home screen that gives you that same view, but organized by System Inspector type - so you can now see an aggregated view of all of your Active Directory, Office 365, Domain, etc. inspectors in unified views.

This is a huge improvement for those L2 and L3 engineers that may focus more on specific systems and is also a great resource for quick inventory-type visibility into your entire MSP's technical practice!

MSI Support for Setting the Service "Run As" User

This was the single biggest request that we got after shipping our MSI installer: we now support setting the Roar Agent service's "Run As" user right in the MSI!

If you install using the interactive Wizard, you are prompted to run the service as a particular user account if desired and can enter the credentials for that user in the Wizard. This is also supported by passing in a parameter at the command line or as a part of an RMM script.

UI Enhancements

  • Fixed bug with the exports from a dataprint table
  • Made the Roar UI more iPad friendly with updates to the font sizes and families
  • Added helpful documentation link on agent service permissions in the MSI modal
  • Improved breadcrumbs on the Alerts screen to include Environment selector
  • Fixed error messages when importing a company from IT Glue
  • Added notifications to alert users if they're navigating away from a tab with unsaved changes

Inspector Updates

We're starting to pick up velocity on our inspector development - major progress below and stay tuned for more!

  • Azure: We released an all-new version of the Azure inspector that is based on Microsoft's Azure Management API and Microsoft's Graph API rather than using PowerShell calls.
    • Faster, more stable inspector
    • Better and more complete data
    • Platform mappings to push data into ConnectWise and IT Glue
  • Cisco IOS : We advanced this inspector to Production with some significant improvements.
    • Gathers overview information about the device, interfaces, and the full running and startup configurations.
    • Platform mappings to push data into ConnectWise and IT Glue
  • Cisco Umbrella: Heavily demanded inspector, advanced from an early Preview stage to a fully baked inspector!
    • Advanced to Production with the now-stable Cisco Umbrella APIs
    • Platform mappings to push data into ConnectWise and IT Glue
  • StorageCraft SPX: Brand new inspector in the Production category!
    • Gathers data about volumes, backup jobs, backup chains, and more!
    • Platform mappings to push data into ConnectWise and IT Glue
  • Hyper-V: Still in Preview, but we pushed a major update to this inspector that addressed some common failures. We are ready to advance this to Production soon after getting some partner feedback!

Windows Cloud Agent Deprecation

We are in the process of streamlining our cloud inspectors to be simpler, faster, and more secure. To that end, we are planning to deprecate our Windows Cloud Agents entirely over the next few months.

We will begin by deprecating the Windows Cloud Agents that are not being used at all. There should be no impact to your Roar operations when we remove your Windows Cloud Agent, and we will reach out to you if we need your assistance in migrating off of it.

Our Office 365 and Azure inspectors - previously reliant on PowerShell and thus a Windows environment - have both been revamped to use Microsoft's REST APIs and now run better and faster from our Linux Cloud Agents.

  • For those customers that have upgraded to the new versions of those inspectors, at some point in the future we will migrate any inspectors lingering on the Windows Cloud Agent to the Linux Cloud Agent and deprecate your Windows Agent. We will notify you when this happens, but the transition should be seamless.
  • For those customers that are still using the PowerShell versions of those inspectors, we encourage you to migrate to the new versions - the new versions are faster, more secure, and have better data!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this process!

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Release Notes Through 2019-04-12

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