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Release Notes Through 2019-02-07

Platform Improvements & Updates

  • Significant backend infrastructure change to allow us to scale more reliably and process much higher volumes of data
    • Inspections land faster with less load on the Liongard application itself
  • API can now conditionally sync with platform integrations and we can "relink" integration asset fields
    • Allows for limited support for multiple Liongard instances interacting with a single ConnectWise Configurations database
  • Squashed various minor UI bugs with things like table exporting, view rendering, etc.

UI Enhancements

  • Bulk run of inspector launchpoints rather than clicking "play" for each one
  • Inspector timeline now shows the date and time of the next scheduled run
  • Addition of the number of configured launchpoints per environment on the home screen
  • Downloadable CSV import templates for each inspector with example input rows
  • Improved document titles and routes to more easily navigate the app and multiple browser tabs
  • The relevant data print is now linked directly from all Actionable Alerts

Agent Updates

  • Full release of our MSI-based Agent installer

Inspector Updates

  • Webroot Inspector: Significant stability changes and dramatically shortened runtimes
  • Office 365: Fixed issue with Actionable Alert false positives around MFA for admin users.
  • Datto: Added Actionable Alerts for failed backups and if no backups occurred
  • Active Directory: Can now auto-discover Windows inspector launchpoints for all servers on the AD network, even if the Liongard Agent is not installed on a domain controller.
    • Previously, discovery required the Agent to be installed on the domain controller.
  • Sonicwall:
    • Added full "show tech-support-report" in the data print under the "Raw" field.
    • Added Change Detections on Zones

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Release Notes Through 2019-02-07

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