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Welcome! You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help MSPs start working with Liongard's Roar as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's go #MakeITRoar!

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Integrate ConnectWise with Roar

Learn how to integrate the Roar platform with ConnectWise Manage.

Our platform integration to ConnectWise Manage allows our MSP partners to:

  1. Import Companies from ConnectWise to Roar Environments
  2. Map any existing Roar Environments to ConnectWise Companies
  3. Create new Service Tickets in ConnectWise Manage based on Roar Actionable Alerts
  4. Push Roar inspector data into ConnectWise Configurations

Take a look at this quick demo for how to do the ConnectWise Integration with Roar.

Enter API Credentials & Details

API User Creation

Refer back to our API User setup documentation if you have not already setup an API user for Roar in your ConnectWise Manage instance.

In Roar, go to Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise tab

  1. ConnectWise Manage Site - the full URL to your ConnectWise Manage implementation. Do not include the protocol (https://) or remainder of the path.
  2. Company ID - Company ID Associated with the API Account User
  3. Public Key - comes from the API Keys panel in the prior step
  4. Private Key - comes from the API Keys panel in the prior step

Upon providing the Keys, Roar will attempt to authenticate to ConnectWise Manage - if the Keys are incorrect, you will be notified of an unsuccessful authentication.

Select Import Options

Next, pick a list of Statuses and Types to bring into Roar. This is especially valuable in ConnectWise instances with many Companies in ConnectWise with only a small subset being active managed services customers.