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Import & Map Companies from ConnectWise

Learn how to import Companies already in your ConnectWise Manage instance and map Environments already in Roar to existing ConnectWise Companies

Import Companies

Once you've entered your ConnectWise API key in Roar, you're ready to import and map companies.

Go to Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise and click the Import Companies tab.

Here, you'll see a table of ConnectWise Companies that have not been mapped to a Roar Environment. You may import them directly into Roar from this screen by either bulk selecting at the left and using the Actions pulldown or by individually clicking the + sign at the right.

Filter by Status or Type

With tables in Roar, you can filter by typing at the top of the column. For instance, you may want to see only "Customers" in the Type field with "Active" Status.

Map Companies

You can also map Roar Environments manually created in Roar or imported from another platform to ConnectWise Manage Companies from the Map Companies tab.

If a suggested mapping is available, the corresponding auto-suggestion will be filled into the field in the left ConnectWise Company column and you can click the + sign at the right or use the bulk action selections and Action menu to accept the mapping.

For those without suggested mappings, you can type into the empty field in the ConnectWise Company column to find the right Roar Environment. If there is no matching Environment, you can use the Import instructions above to create one.