Crashplan (Code42)

This document provides the steps required to configure the Code42 (Crashplan) Inspector.


Quick Details

Recommended Agent: On-Demand
Supported Agents: On-Demand, On-Premises, or Self-Hosted
Is Auto-Discovered By: N/A
Can Auto-Discover: N/A
Parent/Child Type Inspector: No
Inspection via: API
Data Summary: Here



Currently Code42 API is only available to specific plans, see chart below to verify whether your account qualifies or not.


Inspector Setup Preparation

Creating a readonly role

From Settings > Security > Roles, click Add located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

Fill in the Name field with LiongardInspector.

Select all the *.read permissions.

Click Save.


Create a readonly user

  • Sign in to the administration console.
  • (version 6.5.x and later) Select Users > Active from the menu on the left. (In versions 6.0.x, select Users.)
  • Select Add a new user: Add New User Icon
  • Select Add Users.
  • Select an organization for the new user.
  • Enter the user's first name, last name, email address, and password.
  • Select Add User.

Assign User ReadOnly Role

  • Navigate to the User Details view.
  • From the Action Menu, select Edit.
  • Select the Roles tab.
  • From the Available Roles list, select the role you created above.
  • Click the right facing arrow to add the selected role.
  • Select Update User to save your changes.

Liongard Inspector Setup

In Liongard, navigate to Admin > Inspectors > Preview (Beta) > Navigate to the Crashplan (Code42) Inspector > Select Add System.

Fill in the following information:

  • Environment: Select the Environment this System Inspector should be associated to
  • Friendly Name: Suggested "Crashplan (Code42) [Environment Name]"
  • Agent: Select On-Demand Agent or select the On-premises Agent installed for this Environment
  • Inspector Version: Latest
  • URL (E.G. MASTER-SERVER.EXAMPLE.COM:4285): For On-Premises, the URL will be, <YOUR_URL>:4285. Do not include the protocol. It is assumed https:// is being used. For Cloud the URL is
  • Username: The username of the user you created above
  • Password: The password of the user you created above
  • Scheduling: The Inspector will default to run once a day at the time the Inspector is set up. Here you can adjust the schedule

Select Save. The Inspector will now be triggered to run within the minute.